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Graphic Design:

Internship Design Works

During my four-month internship at Mobilizing Expertise, I was recruited as a Videographer. However, I found myself doing more graphic design work than video content. My first assignment was to create two posts about gender stereotypes to spread the message of equality and acceptance. The work was well received and earned me positive feedback.

I then created a series of comics that portrayed different scenes in life containing gender misinterpretations. The owners of the company were very pleased with the results.

I also made a great video for a project called "Me & Europe." It is more of a volunteer video-making to combine the designs and express what Europe is for a foreigner like me. I used my Stop-motion skills and animation skills to complete the work.

Throughout my internship, I took on various other design projects and received positive reviews from my assessor, who praised my creativity. I am grateful to have worked with such a supportive team. You can find these works listed below.


This is the project called "Just Human".


These are two posters of a message about gender stereotypes.

9 comic content about Gender Misinterpretations

These are nine graphic works of Gender Stereotypes and misinterpretations. I created them on Procreate, hand drawn on the tablet. It is very detailed in every picture.

I started by collecting the stereotypes, then worked on the line of the stories. I worked on it for about 2 weeks in total.


This is a project to teach teenagers in Europe how to bike properly.

It is done on Canva.

Logo Design

I created this logo for the internship company's partner. It was competing with other partners' work. Mine was selected in the end, makes me very proud.

Landyarn Design