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Internship Project @ Trailsi

Website Design & App Design

I was fortunate to participate in an internship at Trailsi, where I contributed to the design of their Travel Audio Guide App.


My responsibilities included revamping the company website, creating an Android app from the ground up, and delving into digital marketing tasks.


These experiences were not only enjoyable but also educational, allowing me to apply my knowledge in web design and UX design effectively.

Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 18.06.05.png

Website Design

The Project:

The project involves transforming the company website into a sleek, modern one-page design. The goal is to showcase the range of apps developed by the company and drive sales through an engaging online presence.

About 3 weeks.

 My Role :

Website Designer, UX Designer

Responsibilities :

Design and launch the new company website on Wix.

Web Design Process

Interview Colleagues

As the Web Designer and UX Designer for this project, I collaborated closely with the project manager to identify the essential elements for the website. I greatly appreciate the space provided for creative design. Integrating my ideas along with valuable suggestions and advice from my colleagues, I proceeded to the next steps in the project.

User Research

Throughout my user research phase, I orchestrated a comprehensive Google Form survey aimed at gaining deeper insights into user preferences and needs regarding travel apps and websites. Specifically, the survey delved into their expectations and experiences with our Travel Audio Apps.

Paper Wireframe:

Swipe Right to see more wireframes.

Color Pallette:

We ended up choosing the first option.

Trailsi SiteMap 20231002- v1.png
Figma Hi-Fi Prototype

App Design

The Project:

To design a sleek and modern app that seamlessly integrates with Trailsi's existing Android applications, maintaining a minimalistic yet sophisticated design approach. Using Figma MD3 kit to make the whole process easy and efficient.

About 5 weeks

My Role :

UX Designer

Responsibilities :

Translate the app from the conceptual stage to meet the specifications outlined in the project plan

App Design Process

Paper Wireframe
Digital Wireframe
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