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Graphic Design:

Other Designs

As I've mentioned before, designing is something that I have always enjoyed doing. I often wonder if it's me finding opportunities to design, or if I'm designing the chance to happen. Regardless, I find myself constantly seeking out ways to exercise my creativity and hone my design skills.

Invitation Design

These are the invitations for my twin daughter's birthday. They have loved it!

Logo Design 

I had the honor of designing a logo for my friend's Crossfit Box. My friend and I used to work out together in China and have remained close ever since. They knew me for my passion for design and offered me the opportunity to create their logo. It was a privilege to work on such an important project for my friend's business.

8-bit characters for family video

This is an 8-bit creation I made for the introduction of our family outing video. I used the Super Mario theme and created characters representing my husband and twin daughters. It was a fun project to work on and I enjoyed incorporating elements of our family into it.

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