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This project showcases my proficiency in using the Django framework in Python. I was able to complete the website within a span of ten days.

In planning the website's concept, I aimed to convey a message while demonstrating my programming skills acquired through the course I took.

Using Django, I created a comprehensive database that allows users to interact with the website and perform CRUD operations (create, read, update, and delete).

Completing this project was very fulfilling and served as an excellent assessment of my abilities. I take pride in my accomplishment.To learn more about the project, you can click the button below for more details, and you can also find the link to my Github repository where you can access my readme file.

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The Github link to Herstory is Here.

More detail of the website on the Readme part.

The homepage of HerStory website that Carrie created on her Full Stack Software development diploma course. This website is written in Django Frame, language are HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript
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