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Case Study:

Swedish Learning App

Svenska 100% is a prototype that I created using Marvelapp as a Swedish learner. At the time, I found a lack of suitable apps for Swedish learners, so I decided to create my own prototype with functions that I thought could benefit learners. This was my first UX project, and it sparked my passion for the field.

svenska100 mockup

Project Overview

The Product:

This app includes a variety of features such as a dictionary, grammar practice, and games, all designed for Swedish language learners.


About 3 weeks.

The Problem:

Learning Swedish can be challenging for newcomers since it is only spoken in Sweden, and finding suitable resources such as apps that provide proper grammar and examples can be difficult. While there are some language learning apps available in the market, they do not meet the specific needs of Swedish learners studying in SFI or later.

The Goal :

The goal of Svenska 100% is to provide Swedish learners with an organized and easy-to-navigate app that includes clear grammar examples and interactive quizzes to facilitate effective language acquisition and memorization.

 My Role :

General UX Designer, UX Researcher

the Svenska 100 homepage
Responsibilities :

Refine user flow and demonstrate the app's functionality by researching similar apps in the market.

Understanding The User

User Research Summary:

Before my formal training in UX design, I began developing Svenska 100% as a user myself. During the planning phase, I shared the app idea with some of my friends who were also studying Swedish, and together we identified a need for an app that combined the features of popular language learning apps like Duolingo with a dictionary function and comprehensive grammar explanations.

Persona # 1:

Problem Statement:

Carrie Qian, a Swedish language learner, was unable to find a suitable app in the market to fulfill her needs for practicing grammar, and having a dictionary and quiz functions.

User Story: 

persona user story

Start Designing

Initially, I searched online for an app that could combine all the features I envisioned. While Keynote was helpful, I wanted a more realistic prototype. After conducting research, I discovered Marvelapp, which allowed me to create a free prototype. Although I lacked professional user research and a structured design process, this experience sparked my interest in UX design.

I received valuable feedback from three friends who tested the prototype, and I made multiple modifications based on their opinions. The app below is the final result.

Usibility Study:

Study Type:

Unmoderated Usibility Study






20 minutes

Going Forward

Take Aways:

Now I have learned the UX design, and I'd love to modify the app again and polish it.

What I learned:

This experience has taught me a lot about UX design. It's not just about knowing the tools but also how to use them to achieve design goals. Creating something that meets user needs and continually improving it feels amazing. I'm grateful for the opportunity to develop a product that is useful for people, and it has ignited my passion for UX design even more.

Next Steps:


Conduct new user study and find out what are the needs for today.



Make it responsive design.



Using more fun and user-friendly images and logo, to attract user.

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